Workshop & Supplies

Custom manufacturing, supply of fishing gear and naval hardware

The technical quality of our tailor-made solutions covers the specific and detailed needs of our customers.


From the workshop and supplies department we offer tailor-made solutions:

  • Solutions for the nautical sector: moorings, fenders, stainless steel shackles, production of fixed and mobile rigging.
  • Structural Steel wire ropes: Industry, elevation, shipyards, architecture.
  • Naval equipment and hardware: chains and components, shackles, links, thimbles, swivels, floats, needles, etc...
  • Ports and maritime signaling: pontoons, fingers, spare parts, anchoring, buoys and lighting, signalling, etc. 
  • Engine spare parts: pontoons, fingers, spare parts, anchoring, buoys and lighting, signalling, etc.

Supplies department


Telephone: +34 986 20 33 12


Structural cables

Industry, elevation, shipyards, architecture.

Nautical sector

Moorings, fenders, stainless steel shackles, manufacture of fixed and mobile rigging.

Ports and maritime signaling

Docks, fingers, spare parts, anchors, buoys and lighting, signaling, etc.

Engine spare parts:

liners, cylinders, pistons, valves and general engine spare parts.

camisas de cilindro para motor de barco

Custom solutions for your business

Eurored offers a full range of specific solutions for professionals in the fishing, aquaculture and related industries.

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