Artes de pesca de altura y bajura

We are leaders in the design, manufacture and marketing of nets for the fishing and aquaculture sectors, with more than 45 years of experience. 

The constant research and innovation in our production processes leads us to offer the national and international market products with the highest quality standards, with tailor-made solutions and services developed for our customers.

We manufacture pelagic, semi-pelagic, bottom trawls, outrigger nets, etc., always at the cutting edge and developed hand in hand with our customers, as well as supplying everything necessary for fishing operations: MORGERE trawl doors, COTESI nets, ropes, stays, BRIDON cable, flotation, CROSBY GROUP marine hardware (CROSBY, TRAWLEX, GUNNEBO), longline material, etc.

Fishing Department

Business contact

Telephone: +34 986 20 33 12


Complete solutions, from rig design and prototype construction to technical testing.

Specialists in the design and manufacture of bottom and pelagic trawls. Pelagic bottom and mid-water/super-quantity trawls. Bottom trawls: outriggers, hard bottom, soft bottom. Flatfish, hake, pelagic, benthic, ilex, etc.

We develop solutions in search of the maximum efficiency in terms of performance and adapting them to the characteristics of the vessel, trawling speed, bottom type and depth, environmental conditions, etc. We carry out calculations of all the elements using different software tools for calculations and 3D simulations. Our specialised technical department is available to assist in all the design phases of the fishing gear.

We develop integral solutions for longline fishing.

Both surface and bottom solutions, adapting the rigging and hooks to the type of fish to be caught. We work with mother lines of different thicknesses depending on the type of catch and the waters in which the work is to be carried out.

We have a large stock of materials necessary for longlining: Hooks, Nylon monofilament, Stainless steel rope, longline color tube, longline nylon cord, Tube cloth, Stuffing mesh, plastic sheet tube, Buoys, Crimps, Stainless steel snaps and swivels, LED lights, batteries, bunting, Clothes-boots-gloves, Knives-scissors, Hooks and bait hooks, etc.

The Eurored Group has a division specialising in the design and construction of tuna fishing gear and deck supplies.

We offer resources with the highest levels of quality and operability. We use materials and components in the rigging with the best characteristics in terms of high tenacity to minimise deformations, and resistance to avoid tears and abrasions. Top quality materials such as Bridon cable or Crosby marine hardware. All this in search of reducing maintenance costs during the life cycle of our solutions and at the same time offering the highest efficiency when the tuna vessel performs its fishing operations.

Specialists in small tackle

We supply all types of nets, cordage and components for the development of small fishing tackle. All types of gill nets of our leading brand ORCA Red. Our branch in La Coruña with a logistics warehouse of 3,000 m2 provides immediate service and deliveries to all our customers in Spain, Portugal and France.

Nets, ropes, marine hardware, floats, and everything necessary for fishing activities. We are constantly adding new products and technology to our catalogue, such as: dolphin repellers, fishing gear locators and retrievers, etc.

Our products

Fishing gear

Pelagic fishing tackle for bottom and mid-water / surface, bottom: outrigger, hard bottom and soft bottom, rockhopper and trains.

Trawl doors

Trawl doors for pelagic, semi-pelagic and bottom trawls. We also have outriggers, keels and a variety of components.

Nets and lines

High tenacity nets and high strength materials: Force Tech, D-Tech, Titanium, Redline Pro, Redline Pro Gold, Pa Braided, Pa Twisted...

Pelagic equipment

Exclusive Orca Pelagica designs, trawl doors, tailor-made solutions, technical office, nets and ropes, manoeuvring assembly.

Longline and small gear

Orca Red, hooks, Nylon monofilament, Stainless steel wire rope, longline color tube, longline nylon cord,tube cloth, stuffing mesh, plastic, buoys, crimps, stainless steel snaps and swivels, lights, work clothes, etc...

Rope, lashing and stay

3/4, 8, 12 strands, twisted, braided / POLYSTEEL, polyethylene, polypropylene, composite materials, Dyneema, gauze and custom projects.

Steel wire ropes

Trawling ropes, tuna boat ropes, compacted ropes, fibre core and steel core, synthetic fibre ropes, etc...

Chain and components

Variety of chains and components. Trawlex and Gunnebo, connectors, links, Kupler, shackles, hooks, rings, etc...

Naval hardware

Hooks, Shackles, Spheres, Swivels, Thimbles, Turnbuckles, Turnbuckles, Rope clips, Ferrules, Netting, Carabiners, Snatch blocks, Anchors, Triangles and eyes, Pins and keys, Netting needles, ...

Buoys and floats

All types of flotation elements for fishing tackle. Buoys, floats, fenders, lined fenders, etc...


Deck and cabin lighting solutions. IP67 marine floodlights.

Everything the fishing and aquaculture industry needs

Eurored offers a full range of specific solutions for professionals in the fishing, aquaculture and related industries.

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